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Current MWR columns

A Voice from the Center by John Powell

Church to Church by Joanna Shenk and Andre Gingerich Stoner

Cramer Avenue by Sarah Kehrberg

Global Window by John D. Roth

History by Rich Preheim and John Sharp

In the Open Space by Carmen Andres

Living Simply by Celeste Kennel-Shank

Living the Story by Jane Yoder-Short

North of the 49th by John Longhurst

Book Review by Rachel Waltner Goossen, Marlin Jeschke, James C. Juhnke, John A. Lapp, Katie Funk Wiebe and varied authors

On the Way by Stephen Kriss

U.N. Witness by varied authors

Washington Witness by Tammy Alexander, Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, Theo Sitther, Christina Warner and varied authors

World Neighbors by Kathleen Kern, Ryan Rodrick Beiler and R. Showalter

Past MWR columns

Carpenter’s Line by Steve Carpenter

Due Consideration by Ardie S. Goering

Everyday Peacebuilding by Robert Yutzy

Faith Matters by John A. Esau

Hallelujahs & Demurs by Glenn Lehman

Heart and Soul by Melodie Davis

Life of the Body by Isaac S. Villegas

New Directions by Nicole Bauman, Jason Shenk, Joanna Shenk and Sarah Thompson

On My Desk by varied authors

Spread the Word by Dick Benner

Thinking With by Elaine Sommers Rich

Urban Connections by Jason Evans, Megan Ramer, Hugo Saucedo and Ruth Yoder Wenger

Views from the Pew by Bradley Siebert

Virginia Ham by Jim Bishop

What on Earth? by Joe Blowers

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