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Advertising Rates & Data


CONTACT: Kelli Yoder
Assistant editor/Web editor, kyoder [at] mennoworld [dot] org

File Formats
MWR accepts online advertising in file formats .jpg, .png, .gif and animated .gif

Types of Online Ads
BUTTON (120 x 90 or 144 x 144 pixels)
SKYSCRAPERS (120 x 500 or 600 pixels)
WIDE SKYSCRAPERS (160 x 600 pixels)

MWR staff can design ads for a fee of $20 per ad, which will be added to the cost of the ad.

Online Ad Rates
An impression is counted every time a page that contains an ad is viewed.

Ads on article pages 6k impressions
(approx. one week)
12k impressions
(approx. two weeks)
18k impressions
(approx. three weeks)
Button $48 $84 $120
Skyscraper $96 $168 $240
Skyscraper (wide) $120 $210 $300

Ads on homepage 1.5k impressions
(approx. one week)
3k impressions
(approx. two weeks)
4.5k impressions
(approx. three weeks)
Button $43 $75 $108
Skyscraper $86 $150 $216
Skyscraper (wide) $108 $189 $270

Online Ad Discounts for Qualifying Print Advertisers
Online discounts apply to print advertising in two special issues in 2013: College Issue on April 29 and extra-circulation edition (22,000 readers) on Oct. 14.

$200-399 — 20% off
$400-599 — 40% off
$600-799 — 60% off
$800-999 — 80% off
$1,000 or more — one FREE skyscraper ad or TWO FREE button ads for approx. one week

Online ads must be scheduled within three months following the print advertising to qualify for the discount.


PRINTING: Web offset on standard newsprint.
FILE FORMAT: PDF by e-mail or compact disc.
Display advertising composition available.

CONTACT: Mennonite World Review staff
E-mail: editor [at] mennoworld [dot] org
Call toll-free: 1-800-424-0178
Mail: PO Box 568, Newton, KS 67114-0568

Display Ad Rates (per column-inch)
BASIC RATE: Black/white $25; Four-color $29
Extra-circulation issue on Oct. 14: Black/white $37; Four-color $40
AGENCY RATE: Add 15% (includes commission)

Page & Column Specifications
MWR is printed in tabloid newspaper format. Page width: 10.4 inches, five columns across. Page height: 16 inches. Please note: A full page in MWR (tabloid size) is 80 column-inches, an ad space almost twice the size of a magazine page.

Display ads may be configured from one to five columns wide and up to 16 inches high. When ordering advertising in MWR, please give ad dimensions in column width and height (columns x inches). Ad space (in column-inches) is figured by multiplying, for example: 2 columns wide times 4 inches high equals 8 column-inches.

Display ads must conform to column widths:

One column — 1.95 inches (11.7 picas)
Two columns — 4 inches (24 picas)
Three columns — 6.125 inches (37 picas)
Four columns — 8.25 inches (49.5 picas)
Five columns — (full-page width) 10.4 in. (63 picas)

Classified Ad Rates (per word)
60¢ per word per issue for three or more consecutive issues
70¢ per word per issue for two consecutive issues
90¢ per word for one issue ($10 minimum)

Email: classified [at] mennoworld [dot] org

EXTRA VALUE: All classifieds are posted on MWR Web site

Categories include, but are not limited to, the following:
Employment — General, School, Church, Farm
For Sale — General, Books, Real Estate
Service Opportunities
For Rent
Coming Events

Circulation & Ad Closing Dates
MWR is dated Monday (26 weeks per year) and mailed the previous Thursday.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING — Thursday, 11 days before Monday issue date.
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING — The Monday before issue date.

Average paid circulation is approximately 9,100 copies. MWR goes to about 11,800 households, since approximately 30 percent of the copies are shared by more than one household. A survey shows an average of 2.17 readers per copy, making total readership about 19,500.

October 14: Circulation 22,000; Ad closing date, Oct. 1.

THE TOP TEN STATES FOR MWR CIRCULATION: 1. Pennsylvania, 2. Kansas, 3. Ohio,
4. Indiana, 5. Virginia, 6. Illinois, 7. California, 8. Iowa, 9. Nebraska, 10. Oregon.

Advertisers with established credit are billed at the end of each month.
Terms: Net 30 days from invoice date. All accounts payable in U.S. funds.

MWR Classifieds

Job listings and other offerings

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